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You could cleanse your system of toxic acids such as uric and lactic acid? you could have more energy and less pain? as a bonus lose weight in the process? Welcome to the world of pHenomenal Water!

What is this Miracle Water?

Pure water is H20 or two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule separated by 104 degrees.

This amazing water was invented years ago , but it has taken all of these years to bring this incredible new technology to the market.

Here’s the story… A lot of things have been invented but not for the use the inventor was hoping for. For example I have heard that the inventor of Sticky Notes was trying to invent a super glue and failed but in the process invented the glue for Sticky Notes.

For years inventors have been trying to make strong acids and strong alkaline water for various uses.

Take a look at the photo of the water molecule and notice the hydrogen molecules  are separated by 104 degrees. It has been known that if you put water under a magnetic field it will change the positions of the hydrogen molecules on the oxygen.

Also, as you heat or cool water it becomes more stable or less stable

It’s the same with charging water with electricity, in fact you can break the hydrogen and oxygen apart and make hydrogen gas and pure oxygen from water.

It would be a revolutionary invention if you could remove some of the hydrogen molecules from water and yet the water would still be stable.

Up until now the only way to remove hydrogen from water is by using strong minerals that would make the water corrosive and harmful.

What makes this water special and unique is their patented process restructures water molecules together into a simple compound: it being basically just water with unusual, yet amazing properties.

Their formulation is stable water that attracts Hydrogen ions like a sponge because countless trillions of hydrogen molecules are missing.

Miracle water or (a more scientific name would be “stabilized hydroxide”) is one hydrogen molecule and one oxygen molecule. They have achieved this by using heat, magnetism and mineral buffers. It is stable and looking for hydrogen… hydrogen is acidity in it’s truest form.

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